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Landscape / Garden

Mackissi Commercial Rough Terrain High Weed Mower

Pictured above is a BCS 8 horsepower rear tined rototiller. While other brands of tillers dig dirt, the BCS is a gardening machine. Prepare seedbeds, power compost, and cultivate with precision and ease. The bcs tiller has unique features that enable you to not just “work” your soil, but to “build” your soil. BCS tiller tines rotate 50% faster than competitive makes. In low gear, this translates into 20 rotations of the tines per revolution of the wheel. So whether you’re converting a portion of your lawn into garden or investing in an existing garden by chopping in a cover crop, the BCS is uniquely suited to incorporating organic matter into the top six to eight inches of your soil. This soil-building process, commonly referred to as power composting, is the key to a productive garden. Most importantly, BCS accomplishes this effortlessly! Like any good tool, your “job” is simply to keep it company. Because of its chopping action, the tines are not prone to getting tangled with plant material. With large wheels in control and proper balance, the tiller avoids “tine walking” and requires little or no downward pressure on the handles. Its compact design makes it easier to turn at the end of the row. And its instantly adjustable handle means that there is a height setting and off-set position that is perfect for every circumstance. All BCS tractors, have a second, dedicated speed for cultivating between your plants. In this gear, the tines turn 10 times per revolution of the wheel; thereby eliminating weeds and creating a dirt mulch, without over-pulverizing your soil. Dig depth of the BCS tillers are 6 inches deep. Make that home gardening project as simple as possible, rent the best, call the guys at Don's.


Landscape & Garden

Mackissi Commercial Rough Terrain High Weed Mower

This commercial rough terrain mower is built extra durable for the toughest mowing/cutting with a 26" deck. The rough terrain mower goes where a riding or standard push mower cant. It can mow grass and weed that are 6ft tall. It can handle small trees and saplings up to 1 1/2" thick. Great for blackberry vines. The rough terrain mower features a pivoting brush deck. This allows the rear drive wheels to stay on the ground providing stability and keeps the mower moving. The pivoting brush deck also minimizes scalping the ground and damage to the mower. The mower has a rear slip differential for better maneuverability. For the safety of the operator, there is an operator presence lever which engages when the blades are turned on. All heavy duty controls are easily accessible from the operators position. Comes equipped with a Honda 13hp engine. 389cc. 5 different gears for optimal speed control. Electronic ignition. Length 78", width 33", height 41". Weighs 420lbs


Landscape & Garden

Ble Bird Sod Cutter

These blue bird sod cutters redefines simplicity. Simple depth settings arrangement adjusts quickly and easily up to 2.5". Lightweight aluminum plate arms reduce vibration and feature maintenance free ball bearings. The steep angled front edge of the blade easily cuts grass with ease. Features a Honda 5.5hp engine. 2 cutting speeds. 18" blade width. Depth up to 2.5". Productivity ratings 15,600 sq/ft a hour in low gear, 20,250 sq/ft a hour in high gear. Width 24", length 54", height 36", weight 328lbs. These machines are designed for removing grass/sod just underneath the root level. It is not designed for leveling. It removes unwanted sod/grass quickly and efficiently.


Sod Cutter

Blue Bird Stump Grinder

pictured is our blue bird stump grinder. With bluebird's stump grinder, you can now remove stumps quickly and safely! This well-balanced design offers commercial power and high productivity. Bluebird's stump grinder maximizes cutting performance with its 14-inch diameter blade with carbide-tipped teeth, offering a variable cutting depth up to 12 inches. The compact design and clean sight lines of the stump grinder make it easy to maneuver through narrow gates and other thight areas. An innovative adjustable handle enables the operator to adjust the angle of the handle to maintain a comfortable and safe stance throughout the stump grinding job. Handle height and brake engagement levers are simple and easily accessible. Comes equipped with a 13 horsepower Honda engine. The stump grinder width is 27 inches, length is 73 inches, height is 45 inches, weight is 350 lbs. Grind those unwanted stumps in style with the bluebird stump grinder.



Ditch Witch 1030 Trencher

At only 32" (813 mm) wide, the Ditch Witch 1030 walk-behind compact trencher can go anywhere and dig in any type of dirt, thanks to the variety of digging chains it can run, including the patented, super-durable shark chain ii trencher chain. And it doesn't mess around, with a digging chain speed of 276 fpm (84 m/min). Unique, greasable bronze pivot bushing increases reliability. Quiet, fuel-efficient Honda overhead-valve gasoline engine provides plenty of trenching power. Accepts multiple sizes (4" & 6" trench width available) and types of trencher chains, from standard cup-tooth to maximum-strength shark chain ii. Mechanical digging drive, hydrostatic ground drive; operator can stop the digging chain and ground drive but keep the engine running by releasing the handlebar bail. Closed-loop hydraulic ground drive system allows infinitely variable speeds to better match digging conditions. Easily accessible, easy-to-use color-coded controls. Axle lock engages both drive wheels to put more power to the ground while trenching, or frees one wheel for easy maneuvering around the jobsite. A compact trencher that easily fits through a standard yard gate. Ditch Witch model 1030 self-propelled walk-behind, manually steered, two-wheel drive, rigid-frame, chain-type trencher features 30 inch max trench depth. The 1030 trencher height is 47 inches, width is 32 inches, length is 88 inches, weight is 900 lbs. The 1030 trencher comes equipped with a Honda gx340, 4-stroke, overhead valve, gas engine. Ground drive transmission: hydrostatic, infinitely variable from zero to maximum, gearbox to axle, speed and direction controlled with single lever. Pump drive clutch: mechanical, hand-operated, spring-loaded with tension roller for belt drive. Digging chain clutch: mechanical, hand-operated, spring-loaded with tension roller for belt drive.




Ditch Witch 1330 Trencher

The Ditch Witch 1330 walk-behind trencher is a compact walk-behind that is clearly in front of the 13-horsepower (9.7 kw) trencher field. Built for low maintenance and high reliability, the 1330 compact trencher features an innovative hydraulic oil cooling system that keeps the trencher humming even on the hottest days. Easy-to-understand, easily accessible, color-coded controls help new operators quickly become proficient. A compact trencher that easily fits through a standard yard gate. Hydraulic oil cooler uses less fluid while providing longer pump life and maximum cooling efficiency; direct-drive fan helps the system run cooler and work more efficiently. High-performance Ditch Witch digging chain systems available for trenching in most soil conditions; reversible trencher chain easily dislodges rocks and soil. Two-speed hydraulic ground drive provides high speed for maneuvering around the jobsite and low speed for excellent control while trenching. Standard axle lock can engage both drive wheels for straight-line trenching, or free one wheel for added maneuverability. Ditch Witch model 1330, self-propelled, hydraulic, walk-behind, manually steered, two-wheel drive, rigid frame, chain-type trencher. The 1330 trencher has a max dig depth of 36 inches with a 4 or 6 inch trench width. Height of the 1330 trencher is 47 inches, length is 84 inches, width is 32 inches, weight is 920 lbs. The 1330 trencher comes equipped with a 13 horsepower Honda gx390 4-stroke, overhead valve gas engine. Ground drive transmission: hydraulic two speeds, infinitely variable from zero to maximum, gearbox to axle, speed and direction controlled with single lever. The 1330 trencher makes, trenching easy, call the guy's at Don's to reserve one today.



Ditch Witch 1820 Trencher

With a powerful 18-hp (13.4 kw) engine, rugged components and straightforward operation, the Ditch Witch 1820 is a compact pedestrian trencher that helps you install underground service lines at residential and commercial sites with equal ease. Drive wheels can be locked for straight-line trenching or one wheel freed for maneuverability. Hydraulically steerable axle, one lever moves wheels. Mechanical digging drive requires less horsepower to do the same amount of work. Operator presence system: release the bail lever on the handlebars and the digging chain stops while the engine keeps running. Operator's station has quick-reference controls and color-coded levers for ease of use. Strengthened digging chain sprocket hub means great long-term performance. Spoils auger attaches to and rotates with the headshaft. Larger sheaves on headshaft drive provide longer belt life. Weather-resistant electrical connectors and an automotive-type fuse enhance reliability. The Ditch Witch 1820 trencher has a max dig depth of 48 inches. The trench width can be set up as 4 inch, 6 inch, 8 inch. The 1820 trencher height is 63 inches, length is 81 inches, weight is 1300 lbs. The 1820 come equipped with a Honda gx610 4-stroke, overhead valve, 18 horse power engine. Make your trenching job easier rent the 1820 today.



Ditch Witch FX30 Vac Trailer

The fx30 is one of the most versatile machines in our fleet; applications include exposing buried utility lines, cleaning out storm drains, HDD site cleanup, water leak repair, valve box cleanout, utility vault cleanout, commercial and residential debris cleanup and landscaping, and posthole digging. With the aid of its 32.8-hp (24.5 kw) Kubota diesel engine, the fx30 vacuum excavator provides more than enough suction power and water pressure. At 73 DBA, the fx30 vacuum excavator is the quietest on the market, for minimal disturbance in noise-sensitive areas and greater operator comfort. Compact footprint capable of large-volume production. Full-opening rear door with single-point latch provides easy spoils removal. Water pressure can be adjusted from a curbside operator's station that allows one-person control of all unit functions. Reusable, single-element vacuum filter and a blower relief valve air filter provide the industry's best filtration. Auto clutching feature disengages the water pump when water is not in use, allowing full system power to the blower. Fully enclosed, insulated and lockable power pack protects major components from weather and vandalism while leading the industry in noise reduction. Length is 201 inches, height is 91 inches, width is 97.5 inches, dry weight is 5,260 lbs, weight with full tanks 9,950 lbs. Comes equipped with a 500 gallon water tank. The Kubota d1105-t-e3b diesel engine is 32.8 horsepower.



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