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What's Inside

Hammer Drill Bits

Our selection of retail sds+ hammer drill bits. Ranging in size from 5/32" to 1". We also carry chisel and points. If you need a special bit don't hesitate to ask, we can order just about anything.

Max Hammer Drill Bits

See our selection of retail sds max hammer drill bits. Ranging in size from 3/8" to 1 1/8". We also carry chisels, points, spades, bushing tools and scrapping blades. If you need a special bit don't hesitate to ask, we can order just about anything.

Misc. Project Accessories

The three photos above is our selection of retail trailer accessories. Featuring wire harnasses, light plugs, light adapters, trailer replacement lenses, lights, trailer wire, light testers, hitches, tow balls, pintile hitches, combo hitches, tongue jacks, foot pads, coupler repair kits, chains, binders, ratchet straps, grab hooks, rope, hitch pins, locking hitch pins, spare tire racks and spare tires. If it is used on a trailer we have it, stop by and see our selection today.

Diamond Blades

pictured is our selection of retail diamond blades. We carry 4" blades, 7" blades, 10" blades and 14" blades. We feature tile saw blades, skill saw blades, grinder blades, cut off saw and walk behind concrete saw blades. We feature concrete, asphalt and combo blades. Wet and dry cut blades available.

Edco Floor Stripping Machine

This tool is designed for removing tile, paper, old glue, linoleum, carpet, anything glued to wood or concrete floors. Easy to use and maneuver. Saves the back from the standard hand strippers. Blades flip over for use on different types of flooring so it wont ruin your existing floor.


Silverline Floor Polisher

17" essex/silverline floor polisher. Used to polish, buff, strip or scrub a hardwood, parque, linoleum or concrete floor. Used with a 17" brush or a 17" pad driver. The driver pad allows you to use pads (green=scrub, black=strip, tan=buff, white=polish). Can also be used as a sander 17" discs ranging in sandpaper grit from 20 grit (super aggressive) to 220 sandscreen (super fine). We also carry a 20" polisher as well as a 15" polisher. Also available is a 20" high speed polisher for polishing a gym floor.


Clarke & Silverline Drum Sanders

Designed for sanding harwood floors that need a lot of love. These machines are super aggresive. Designed to remove gouges, deep scratches and level out rough flooring. The key with this machine is to keep moving, dont stay in one place. Uses a 8" sandpaper that goes around a drum, grit of paper ranges from 2o grit to 100 grit. These sanders are the first stage to repairing your hardwood floors.


Clarke & Silverline Edge Sanders

These guys use a 7" disc. They are designed for use around the edges of you room. Great for next to the base boards and molding. Good for the hard to reach places. Sandpaper ranges for 20 grit to 100 grit.


MI-T-M Wet/Dry Shop Vacuums

We carry 9 gallon, 13 gallon and 18 gallon units. Wet and dry filter no conversion necessary. Self cooilng motor design. Exhaust air ducting reduces the possibility of motor contamination by dirt or moisture. Electrical system is double protected. Wueit operation. Industrial grade wheels and stainless steel shafts.Csa certified. Eliminates airborne particles through exhaust.


Dri-Eaz Dehumidifiers

We stock dri-eaz model #'s, dri-eaz 1200(pictured), and dri-eaz 2000. Dri-eaz 1200 weighs 80 lbs, max water removal is 132.3 pints a day at optimal dehumifing conditions. 65 degrees to 80 degrees. 40ft drain hose length. Low grain refrigerant. Dri-eaz 2000 weighs 132 lbs, max water removal is 172 pints a day. 40 ft. Drain hose length. Low grain refrigerant. Great for any moisture problem.


Sand Paper

this is a picture of a selection of sandpaper. We stock 7" edger paper, 7" velcro paper, 8" drum sander paper (clarke & silverline), 12x18 square buff sander paper, 12x24 square buff sandpaper, 17" polisher sandpaper, 1/3 & 1/2 sheet orbital sandpaper, and belt sander belts.


Carpet Soil Extraction Units

honey-do carpet extraction units. These are a soil extraction unit. Using hot water and pressurized jets, this machine injects hot water and solution into you carpet, then uses two high power vacuum motors to pull the water and soil out. Great for carpet cleaning. Easy set up and easy usability. Great way to make the carpets look new again.


Hilti Diamond Drilling System

model dd ec-1. Low vibration and reduced noise means smooth and quiet drilling. Ideal for renovation work and drilling jobs in occupied buildings. Drills through reinforcing bars quickly and efficiently. Simple one person operation. Optional dd rec-1 water recycling unit for no-slurry drilling. Automatic or manual water flow control. Vertical and horizontal bubble levels for coring accuracy. Water flow indicating wheel. Integrating centering device and water collector. Water recycling unit uses up to 2/3 less water. Removable water supply/collector container to facilitate environmentally correct disposal of the drilling slurry. Comes complete with a trolly for easy transport. Electronic water management. Water supply hose and slurry removal hose in nylon jacket. Drill can use 3/8" bit up to 1 5/16" bit. Uses 1450 watts of power. One speed 8000 rpms. Maximum water pressure 88psi. Tool weight 12.5lbs.


Carpet Shampoo

We carry a vast array of carpet shampoo for our soil extraction units. Can do mist soil extraction solution available in quart, 1/2 gallon and gallon size. Do do pet stain remover available in 8fl oz size, over do soil retardant available in 16fl oz, will do deodorizer available in pint size, pre do traffic lane spotter available in 16fl oz, you do upholstry cleaner available in quart size. We also carry do it all paint prep & degreaser available in gallon size.


Ratchet Straps

2" thick by 27' long and 2" by 16' long available. Single locking j hook and double j hooks available. Also pictured are 2 ton lifting straps, these strap are great for tying and load down secure. The lifting straps are great for lifting anything heavy.

Carpet Tools

Carpet irons and tape, knee kickers, stair chisels, carpet knifes, power stretchers, bull pricks, seam rollers and laminate floor kit applicator all readily available. Great for home owners looking to save some money by installing their own carpet.


Chisels, Points & Bits

our selection of sds max chisels, points, drill bits, and carbide tooth rotary core bits. These fit in rotary hammer drills, 30lb electric jack hammer, electric chipping hammers, and electric demo hammers.


Sawzall Blades

Our selection of sawzall blades. These fit in reciprocating saws. Great for demolition. Tight spot cuts made simple by sawzalls.


Stud Gun Anchors

our selection of hilti dx 41 stud gun anchors. For anchoring studs to concrete, wood into steel, steel into concrete. Fired with .27 caliber shots. 5 different depth settings allow for precise depth control. Meets ANSI and OSHA requirements for powder actuated tools. Must go through a 10 minute class to get a required license, or provide proof of completion of powder actuated tool class.


l.B. White Tradesman Portable Propane Forced Air Heaters

These are engineered to deliver high heat output with the ability to move large volumes of air. These heaters feature solid state electronic ignition for sure starts, standard thermostatic controls and built in safety features. We carry tradesman 100, tradesman 155, tradesman 400. Tradesman 100 produces 100,000 btu's, tradesman 155 produces 155,000 btu's, and the tradesman 400 produces 400,000 btu's. Great for heating up a shop, drying drywall fast, and taking the chill off. We stock propane tanks for rental in partnership with these heaters. We stock 3 gallon, 5 gallon, 10 gallon, and 25 gallon tanks.

Dri-Eaz Sahara Turbo Blowers

These units are 2 speed air movers. High cfm and strong static pressure ideal for intense drying. Weight 36 lbs. Tested velocity 3206 feet a minute. 1 horsepower electric motor. Draws 10 amps. Static pressure is 7cm. Great for drying out a damp basement.


Inside Sales Equipment.

Featured in the picture are 10 gauge and 12 gauge extension cords. Ear protection, ear muffs and ear plugs. Face shields, forestry helmets and safety glasses.

Husqvarna k750 Cutoff Saw

Cuts concrete and masonry in alteration, renovation and new construction work. Cuts curbstones and paver in landscaping. Pipe cutting in installation work. Asphalt cutting in roadwork and pre-cutting in pipe trenches. Metal cutting. Cuts concrete, asphalt, stone, metal, stainless. Has an air cooled 2 stoke engine. Displaces 74 cc's. Has 5 hp engine. Handles 14" diameter diamond or synthetic blades. Very versatile tool.

Multiquip Fire Pump.

Model #qp205sh. Honda gx 160 engine. Features Honda power low oil alert. Maximum psi is 142psi. Maximum head is 328ft. Three discharge ports, two 1", and one 1 1/2". Excellent for fire emergencies, portable irrigation and equipment cleaning. Pumps 106 gallons per minute. Weighs 65 lbs.


Featuring caution tape, rain suits, marking tape, electrical tape, and temporary fencing.


Upside Down Marking Paint

Available colors are white, pink, blue, fluorescent blue, green fluorescent green, yellow, high visibility yellow, orange, high visibility orange, red and red-orange.


Multiquip Baseplate Tamper

Model # mvc88vghw. Ideal for compaction of granular soils. Removeable water tank for asphalt application. Honda gx 160 engine. Low vibration handle. Provides 3,450 lbs of centrifgal force. Exciter speed of 6,000. 5.5 horsepower. 20" plate width. Weighing in at 202 lbs.



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